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don669blog asked: Did U used to use sex toys on MFC? I've seen some older pics where U have them. But didn;t U say someone stole them or something and that's why U don't do it anymore on live webcam? REALLY? who the fuck would steal a dildo? (LOL!) That's some funny shit. Was it a girl friend of yours or something? What'sthe story behind that?

It wasnt an intentional theft, that would be odd, but when i was moving i had em in a box, and it and a few other boxes went missing when i got everything out of my storage unit, i didnt notice till a few months after i was settled into my new place.  I didnt use em often either, hence i didnt notice at first lol, and i dont really plan on doing much with toys again, its just not the same as the real.

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don669blog asked: have you ever noticed you get alot of dumb-asses on here asking you really dumb shit like "Y have U thrown your life away to porn" what the FUCK? for real? Is it all just from the same retard or do you just got crazy people following you on tumblr? Anyway, I fucking LOVE you and your shows and your website. So fuck all the haters. Camerella, You really are the sexiest, smartest, most beautiful model I have seen online. For real, So Dont EVER change or stop, Camerella!

I get some normal ones too, but after answering so many of the same ones like “you’re hot” or what have you, you know…the same one all girls get, I feel a bit robotic answering them.  So I pick and chose the most ridiculous ones and have fun with it.  Its no skin off my back either way, they like me, or they don’t, that doesn’t really mean much to me regardless.  I appreciate the fans, and don’t really pay much attention to those that don’t like “me”, in the end its all just pixels on a screen so I like to find entertainment where I can I suppose.  Thank you for your kind words btw :)  That part definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, I appreciate it tons!!  

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Anonymous asked: Wierd question... Do you prefer trumpet or trombone?

I dont know that I have a preference for this lol…you’re right that was definitely weird! Haha I enjoyed that.

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Anonymous asked: Y have u thrown ur life away to porn

Lol cause its mine to do with as I chose! :)

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mankvill asked: here's a really important question: are seahawks fans still upset with my kansas city chiefs for stealing your precious stadium noise world record? >:)

I dont think they were ever upset.  Although Im sure it would be easier for people to handle if they were.  We were more like, yay good job on you!  Were loud regardless of a record, we just love our team.  I dunno that the record was a precious deal, like we only held it for like, what a week?  We just rally home games n have fun, been being loud since before they wanted to try n break a record….doin what we do for seasons now :)  Chiefs are looking awesome this year too btw!!

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I am not Aspartame.

I dont feel like ive gotten “mean” or “bitter” either btw…perhaps ive gotten more honest, im over the b.s and sugar coating so many seem to need when they got their dicks in there hands lmao….sorry, but that cant possibly offend anyone, like come on, grow a pair.  I used to answer all the questions id get with the same pre disposed sugar coated sweet as can be answer, but it wasnt real, and were all grown ups here, i feel like yall can handle like, real life.  If your question is stupid and immature, expect an equal answer…its pretty simple.  Im bombarded with non sense on the daily, so yeah i have fun with it sometimes and call people out, oh fucking no!!  But for real, im just a sarcastic ass and always have been, dont take me seriously and youll be ok, promise ;)  Im sure theres someone whos willing to sugar coat shit for you if you want, but its still shit in the end, however you need to take it.  They sugar coat baby asprin too.  

Excuse my lack of punctuation, sorry…watching the Seahawks kick Arizonas ass thus far, cant be bothered lol.

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Anonymous asked: sounds like your a little harsh on christians , there like anyone else , were all sinners , were christians are diff is they repent because there sorry for any sin , i wont be back , you have been getting mean an bitter to people trying to hurt them se you

Lmao I am against ALL organized religions, I dont, and havent ever singled any out specifically.  Iv’e grown up around many religions, and actually, christians arent the only ones who have a process of repenting for their sins…they all claim they do in one way or another.  And not all people are bad, but organized as a whole…I just cant get behind that…have a good life yo.  If I seem harsh you may have some reflecting to do in your own life…sounds like a personal problem.  Lmao but please, be a good christian and complain how a chick who gets naked on the internet is “bitter” against religion, cause that totally makes sense :) You know, completely relevant platforms here, they totally intersect in life.

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nes201 asked: Why u not show ur pussy sexy

Why should I? Google it, Its out there, its not as elusive if you can back it up $$ Lol

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don669blog asked: when is your next live webshow? And are U doing anything tonight on MFC or anywhere else live?

Sometime this week, I go back to school tomorrow so ill be tethered to home base once again lol, i planned on spending my summer on cam a bunch, but then said fuck that i miss being outside and so i was hardly home at all the last 5 weeks, i never just say fuck it and do whatever i feel like, and this was my last chance really, so i did it :) So ill be back on cam soon, cause ill be stuck inside, cause i live in seattle and its rainy n cold n shitty out here 90% of the year!! Yay lol

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Anonymous asked: i saw the movie you were in lucky . loved the movie , love where you were, beautiful . if thats a peek into your life your blessed . until i saw the movie i would' nt have considered being with an older guy , but seeing how you an him have so much love ive changed my mind . i was begining to think there isnt real love , i think i am about your age 25 and i think he was about 52 am i right ? i think maybe that old saying is true , they treat you right , there very happy to have you

Huh? I havent been in any movies, nor am I dating an older man…. But, thats cool?

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Anonymous asked: do U do live shows anymore? I'm a huge fan, and you're just beautiful and sexy as hell BTW, but camerella cams has just archived stuff,right? do U not do new live webshow/private chat every week for now? I just want to see you in new liveshow orprivat chat with you, not just archived stuff, can you tell me where you do new live shows every week not just archived stuff? you're beautiful,takecare

I do live shows here http://profiles.myfreecams.com/Camerella ill be doing member chats again on my website www.camerellacams.com once i get a better schedule down, school is keeping me super busy! content will be being updated there again shortly as well :) new pics n vids n stuff like that.  right now its camming live on mfc though because my schedule is VERY sporadic, between school,work,interning, homework/studying, i dont have a lot of time left over for camming currently.

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don669blog asked: you still use camerella69@gmail or camerella69@yahoo to receive E-Cards or emails and shit?

gmail yes i do :) Im really busy with school though so its hard to check my email often, but i try n get back to people as much as i can

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slightlyalex asked: Fuck these haters, you're a beautiful smart and funny chick! Keep doin what you're doin. Love ya :D

Thnx, sometimes its funny to answer them and see where its going lol, my life is so boring with school taking up all my time, it give me some entertainment lmao.